Education Ministries by Continent

A national or subnational government department politically responsible for education is termed as Education Ministry. It is present in several countries across the globe. These education ministries are the lead advisors for the Government on education system who deals with educational matter, develop educational policies and addresses various educational concerns.

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Tips To Crack The Physics Paper For Board Exam Students

Students often complaint that they find the physic so tough and the mock papers so difficult to solve that they’re becoming increasingly stressed about the Class 12 CBSE Board physics exam.

The truth is, if you plan well and clear all concepts in class, there is no reason for you to be afraid of anything. However, now that the exam season is almost here and very few days are left for revision. check out the quick tips for the final thrust to your preparation plans.

Follow these simple yet effective tips :

Tip #1

From the NCERT book, practice each and every worked-out example, graph and diagram, especially-

a) Ray diagram for Astronomical Telescope, Compound Microscope and Reflecting Telescope.

b) Diagrams for few devices like cyclotron and potentiometer to name a few.

Delhi govt to start diploma course in pre-school Education

The Delhi government will launch a diploma course in pre-school education in its nine District Institutes of Education and Training (DIET) from the next academic session.

The course is part of the earlier government’s announcement of setting up Early Childhood Education Development (ECED) centres. According to the government, this course will help build skilled staff for the 3,000 early childhood education centres announced in 2016.

“Our government understands that merely announcing grand plans is never enough for them to succeed. There is a need to create institutional foundations on which programmes can be run successfully. In order to open 3,000 ECED centres, it is important to build human resource capacities. That is the purpose of the newly launched diploma programme,” said education minister and deputy CM Manish Sisodia.

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IIT Bombay to conduct road safety course for govt engineers

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is in discussions with IIT Bombay to conduct a course on road safety for government engineers against the backdrop of the rising number of highway accidents. Kiran Kurundkar, Joint Managing Director, MSRDC, said that road safety was not given much importance in engineering curricula. The subject of road safety finds a very small space in the curriculum of engineers. It is not given much importance.

IIT Bombay felt it could bridge this gap and offered to conduct a certificate course on road safety to train government engineers. We are yet to decide the details, said Kurundkar. Transport activists welcomed the move.

Commenting on the lack of safety education among civil engineers, transport expert Ashok Datar said, When a road is designed there isn’t much consideration for safety and it is more about speed. There needs to be more emphasis on road safety.

Top 8 Interview and Job Seeking Tips

1. Breathe life into your interview:  Strategically delve into your past successes and develop stories and interesting anecdotes, with details, to make your capabilities come alive and become memorable. Practice delivering these stories and highlight the skills they demonstrate that relate to the position you are applying to.

2. Use props: Bring something unexpected to your interviews to create curiosity and interest. Make it something relevant and appropriate. Examples: flyer from a conference where you’ve been a presenter, new book by an industry notable or  article on a current topic of interest in your field. One client who was interviewing for a position in aeronautical engineering brought in a scaled model of a plane he and his colleagues had built. The interviewer loved the model and asked to keep it. Yes, the client got the job and the model was finally returned when he started the job!

3.  Smart use of your resume’s real estate: Add a compelling testimonial, a line from one of your recommendations to the resume. Put it directly below the objective section to highlight the positive things that have said about you. Through informal tracking it seems that resumes with testimonials get more attention than those without them.

4. Discuss your volunteer work: By playing a volunteer role and showing enthusiasm and perhaps leadership skills, you are perceived as an active giver and doer. You are seen as a community minded contributor who will probably be an active and enthusiastic employee.

Delhi Nursery admissions to be centralized from 2018-19

A proposal to centralise the nursery admission process from the next academic year i.e 2018-2019 has been put forward by the Delhi Government in order to streamline admissions, increase transparency and make it hassle-free for parents. It will enable parents to apply to their schools of choice through a single online platform without stepping on the toes of private schools.

The government wants to start the process of collecting data from private schools from April this year and introduce the system for the next academic year. Officials said the centralised system will cover all 1,700 city schools recognised by the Directorate of Education.

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HRD Ministry to release India's university Rankings report on April

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) will release this year’s India Rankings report on April 3. The Ministry introduced the ranking framework last year as the Indian universities and higher education institutions were not getting their due place in global rankings.

As many as 3,500 private and public institutions across India participated in the ‘India Rankings 2016’. The education institutions were ranked by National Bureau of Accreditation (NBA) based on five criteria — teaching and learning resources, graduation outcome, perception, outreach and inclusivity and research productivity. All institutions were judged based on self-disclosure of information.

As per the last year’s ranking, IIT Madras was adjudged the best engineering college with all top 10 positions grabbed by IITs. Predictably, the first five IITs, established during 1950s and early 1960s, took the first five positions.

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